Philippians 4:13

Business Data:

Summary of Experience:

  • Over twenty-five years of experience in management information systems

  • Six years of counseling experience;

  • Strong oral and written communications skills

  • Blend of large and small company expertise (banking, manufacturing, and television broadcasting)

  • Over twenty years management experience

  • Highly results-oriented, self-starter


Business Experience:

2004-Present   ALCME, Inc.
   Jan 2004 CEO-President
1995-2003   MYCE, Inc.
   Mar 1995 CEO-President
1987-1995 Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.
   Dec 1993 Medical Disability/Leave of Absence
   Oct 1987 MIS/Financial Systems Manager
1988-1992 His Symphony, Inc.
   Feb 1991   Director, President, and Chief Executive Officer
   Jun 1988 Incorporating Director, President, and Chief Executive Officer
1986-1987 CIBA Vision Corporation
   Mar 1986 Senior Systems Analyst, Financial Systems
1985-1988 Mount Paran Church of God
   Jun 1985 Orchestra Administrator
1984-1986 Independent Consultant and Recruiter
   Apr 1985 The Coca-Cola Company
  Contract Project Manager, Corporate Information Systems
   Aug 1984 National Personnel Recruiters
  Manager, Data Processing Division
First Financial Management Corporation (now First Data Corporation)
   Nov 1983 Assistant Vice President, Applications Programming
   Jul  1983 Assistant Vice President, Deposits, and Financial Systems
   May 1983 Director, Deposits and Financial Systems
   Feb 1983 Director, Financial Systems
   Dec 1981 Relocated out-of-state (see CBN below)
   Sep 1980 Manager, Loans and Financial Systems
   Nov 1979 Senior-Lead Systems Analyst/Programmer
   Feb 1979 Project Leader, Corporate Systems
   Aug 1978 Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer
1981-1983 Christian Broadcasting Network
   May 1982 Manager, MIS/Financial Systems
   Dec 1981 Senior Systems Analyst, Financial Systems
Trusco Data Systems/First National Bank of Brunswick (now Sun Trust Bank)
   May 1978 Project Leader, Commercial Loans
   Sep 1972 Programmer/Analyst
   Mar 1972 Programmer/Analyst Trainee

Counseling Experience:

1994 Alpha Care Therapy Services, Inc.
   Jun-Dec Practicum/Internship
1994 Brawner Psychiatric Institute
   Jan-Mar Practicum
1983-1986 Mount Paran Church of God
    Hostess, Smyrna Sharing Group
  Telephone Counselor, Listening Heart Ministry
1981-1983 Christian Broadcasting Network
  Telephone Counselor, The 700 Club

Business Background:

01/04-Present    CEO-President of ALCME, Inc., a family owned and operated, home-based business specializing in Internet sales, marketing, consulting, and publishing; professional and technical writing; information brokering; website design and hosting; musical performance, composition, and publishing; management information systems consulting; life skills and career counseling; and motivational speaking.

03/95-12/03    CEO-President of MYCE, Inc., a family owned and operated, home-based business specializing in Internet sales, marketing, consulting, and publishing; Web Hosting and Design; and Information Brokering.

10/87-11/95    Financial Systems Manager with Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. (TBS). Responsible for the management and performance of the MIS/Financial Systems Department, supervising six systems analyst/ programmers. Responsible for the implementation, support, and maintenance of the corporate financial systems software for Turner International, CNN, Headline News, WTBS, TNT, Cartoon Network, Sports South, Goodwill Games, Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Hawks, Hanna Barbera, Turner Pictures, Turner Home Entertainment, CNN Center, Omni Arena, et al. (i.e. for 109 companies), utilizing D&B/MSA General Ledger with EMR, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Information Expert, Financial Controller, and DCI); SAS, and ESS/GABA Accounting System. Hardware environment is IBM 3081K (VM/MVS), using 486 PC under OS/2 2.1 with CM/2 and DB/2, Novell, AS/400.

06/88-06/92    President and Chief Executive Officer and member of the incorporating Board of Directors for His Symphony, Inc., a nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation. Responsible for all of the initial incorporation and tax-exempt filings, the day-to-day business management of the corporation, the advertising, promotional campaigns, and the ministerial activities of this Christian Symphony Orchestra and Chorale in the public concert setting, which includes civic center performances and church worship services.

3/86-10/87     Senior Systems Analyst with CIBA Vision Corporation. Responsible for development, maintenance, and support of corporate financial systems, including: MSA's General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Purchasing, and Fixed Assets packages; Payroll and Expense Budgeting Systems (with PC to Mainframe - LOTUS/FOCUS/MSA - interface); Corporate Travel and Project Code Reporting Systems. Hardware environment is IBM 3090/Series 400, using PC/XT under 3278 terminal emulation (Attachmate 3-N-1), and using System/38 for RJE processing (IBM 3274/SNA Network).

04/85-12/85    Project Manager (Independent Contractor) for The Coca-Cola Company. Responsible for the design, programming, and implementation on an online/real-time system running under CICS/VS (Command-Level) on an IBM 3084Q. The system supports the activities of the Trade Research department, which investigates trademark violations for the legal division. Supervised four programmer/analysts; project completed on schedule and in accordance with corporate standards and procedures; used modified version of Method-I as design methodology.

06/85-06/88    Employed part-time by Mount Paran Church of God as the Orchestra Administrator. Responsible for the Orchestra's administrative functions, including the hiring of contract musicians, the management of the music library, coordination of equipment and setup for worship services, and administrative liaison to the music department.

08/84-03/85    Employed by National Personnel Recruiters as Manager of the Data Processing Division. Responsible for the recruiting and placement of data processing personnel for client companies.

02/83-06/84    Employed by First Financial Management Corporation (later First Data Corporation) as Assistant Vice President of Application Programming (Deposits, Loans, Trust, and Financial Systems). Accountable for software development, maintenance, and support for seventeen, computer software systems for over three hundred banks. Responsible for formulating plans for short and long-term software development; performing analyses and making recommendations for the selection of new software packages; insuring that software projects were completed according to specifications and in accordance with corporate standards and procedures; and extending support to the Operations Division to insure that production schedules were met. Accountable for the efficient and effective organization and financial performance of four departments as measured by the action plans and the budget. Responsible for the supervision of twenty systems analysts and programmers through four departmental Directors. Administrator of performance and salary reviews, departmental budgets, and personnel.

12/81-02/83    Employed by Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) to coordinate the installation and conversion of four MSA accounting software packages: General Ledger/Financial Information Control System, Human Resource System (Payroll/Personnel), Accounts Payable, and Fixed Assets. Initially challenged to resolve serious conversion schedule slippages and meet committed deadlines for the installation of all software packages; all scheduled completion dates were achieved. Subsequently, maintained all MSA systems and supervised four systems analysts/ programmers in the design of a new Cost Accounting System.  Promoted to Manager of Financial Systems in May, 1982.

08/78-12/81    Employed by First Financial Management Corporation (now First Data Corporation) as Senior Systems Analyst/ Programmer; responsibilities expanded to Manager of Loans and Financial Systems in September, 1980.

03/72-08/78    Employed by Trusco Data Systems/First National Bank of Brunswick (now Sun Trust Bank) as project leader and programmer/ analyst.

Counseling Background:

01/94-03/94   Practicum Student on Adult East Wing (Secured/Inpatient) at Brawner Psychiatric Institute. Individual counseling (32 client sessions) and group counseling (co-led 33 process groups). Psycho-Social Histories and Assessments; Treatment Planning; and Treatment-Team Consultation.

06/94-12/94   Practicum/Internship Student with
AlphaCare Therapy Services, Inc.. Individual counseling (82 client sessions); family counseling (8 family sessions); group counseling (co-led 10 personal growth group sessions); and life skills seminars (2 seminars conducted). Progress notes, treatment plans, and termination processing on all clients. Medical consultations with psychiatrists for assessment and administration of medication as needed. Coordination with outside agencies such as the Department of Family and Children Services.

03/83-08/86    Hostess of The Smyrna Sharing Group for
Mount Paran Church of God and telephone counselor with Listening Heart ministry for approximately six months.

12/81-02/83    Telephone counseling for
The 700 Club (approximately 300 callers over fifteen month period).